in and play this heavenly melody from Chop▓in’s Impromptu in C-sharp minor●:—Sotto voce. 图1 It seems almost as● though Chopin

must have had Veronika in min●d when he composed it.Its color, its passion●, its vague dreamy sadness, and withal its trans●parent simplicity, make it for me a per▓fect musical portrait.Those were ●the traits which most constantly an▓d conspicuously abode in my thought of her▓.Her simplicity, her child-like simplicity, a▓nd her naturalness, and the serene p▓urity of her soul, made her as different● fr

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sad▓, musical laughter that I heard ▓only once or t

Nicole Kidman Leland Orser Henry Cavill Andres Gertrudix Justin Biber

wice from the beginning to the▓ end—all were simple, and natural, and ser▓ene.And yet the

Nicole Kidman hower b▓r

re was a mystery ●attaching to each of them, a someth▓ing beyond my comprehension, a ▓something that tinged my love for her wit▓h awe.A mystery that would neither

Leland Orser oke abov

be def▓ined nor penetrated nor ignored, brood●ed over her, as the perfume broo●ds over a rose.I doubt whet▓her an Ame

Henry Cavill e our he

rican woman can be like this unless s▓he is older and has had cert●ain experiences of her own.Veronika had not ●had sufficient experience of her own to accou●

Andres Gertrudix ads on t

nt for what I have described: but she was a Je▓wess, and all the experience of the ●Jewish race, all the martyrdom of the s●cattered hosts, were hers by i▓n

Justin Biber he way bac
k● to Fifty-fir

heritance. No matter how I ●was occupied, whether teaching, or p●

racticing, or reading, or writing, or walk▓ing, or talking to other people,▓ I was always conscious of t●he love of Veronika astir in my▓ heart.Just as through all the viciss


  • st street, and in default of an u●mbrella, I lent Veronika my handkerchief t▓o protect her hat
  • .She returned it to me at the ▓door of her house, and lo! it was freighted w●ith a
  • faint, sweet perfume that it had caught f●rom contact with her.I stowed the handker●chief rel
  • igiously in my pock●et, and for a week afterward ▓it still retained a trace of the same
  • dainty od●or.It was a touchstone, by ▓means of which I could call ▓her up bodily before me


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